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The Nassau County Interim Finance Authority (NIFA) is a public benefit corporation of the State of New York created by the Nassau County Interim Finance Authority Act, Chapter 84 of the Laws of 2000, as supplemented by Chapter 179 of the Laws of 2000 and as amended from time to time (the "Act").

The New York State Legislature created NIFA in June 2000. NIFA is governed by a seven member, non-partisan, Board appointed by the Governor, with one member recommended by the Senate Majority Leader, one by the Assembly Speaker, and one by the State Comptroller.

NIFA has certain powers under the Act to monitor and oversee the County's finances, including Covered Organization, and upon the declaration of a "control period," additional oversight authority. In addition, NIFA is empowered to issue its bonds and notes for various County purposes, including the restructuring of a portion of the County's outstanding debt.

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